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Lou Casselle, Lee Olivas Top Blind Holes Field

In this tournament where luck based on the nine holes drawn to count plays a role in determining the winners, it was Lou Casselle and Lee Olivas who turned out to be the luckiest in the A and B Flights respectively. With the holes drawn following the round being numbers 3,6,9,10,11,15,16,17, and 18, the A flight had to go to a cardoff to determine the winner. Both Lou and Al Nagac carded 6 under par 30s on the selected holes. But Lou saved a par for net birdie on #11 where Al made net par to take the top spot. Al did have the low overall net score on the day with his 75 for net 63. There were many holes that could have been drawn where Al could have been a runaway winner. Finishing in a tie for 3rd in the A flight was David Oshiro and Freddy Valencia who were only one stroke back of the top two with their net 31s. Rounding out the top five in another tie was the trio of Max Robertson, Jerry Maiques and Luis Alva.

Lee Olivas, returning after a brief break from Saturday golf, won the B flight by three stokes. His overall 88 for net 66 was very solid and also got him a net 30 on the chosen holes to secure the victory. Second place in the B flight went to long time member Mike Daily with a net 33 and his playing partners, Bernard Cruz and Mario Zuniga, coming in with net 34s and a tie for third. Rounding out the top five in the B flight was a four way tie at net 35 by Doug Harder, Kevin Lightell, Pete Biscan, and Kevin Hobbs. Congratulations to all who cashed in this month's event!

Red, White, and Blue Up Next

In a player favorite tournament celebrating Independence Day next month, the first six holes are played from the red tees, holes 7 through 12 are played from the white tess, and the finishing six holes from 13 on are played from the blue tees. This definitely provides a different look for the golf course, especially on holes like #3. This individual low net tournament will occur on July 6th so mark your calendars and we look forward to seeing you there.

Renew Memberships or Join Our Club Online

All existing members needing to renew their memberships or any new members wishing to join our crazy group can now do it all online as a part of the SCGA website by clicking here. This is a new and completely optional way to pay your annual dues. Existing members and those wishing to join may still pay in person either in cash or by check if you prefer. If you have any questions, feel free to either email us or track down on Saturday morning and we'll do our best to answer them.

Join The Hole-In-One Pot

Congratulations go out to John Hennes for his hole-in-one on the seventh hole and becoming the third member to capture the hole-in-one pot! The previous winners were Bill Barry on #3 and Mark Carlton on #16. On this one, John's playing partners raved at the perfect shot that took one hop and disappeared into the hole. What this means for the rest of us is that it's time to re-enter with the hopes that we can join that elite group.

If interested, contact Bruce Wilder to get signed up. The $10 entry is a one-time payment good until another ace wins the pot. The hole-in-one must be scored at Whispering Lakes on a Saturday morning during regular men's club play. Click here to see who's already on board.

New Guest Guidelines

With the club growth we have experienced in the last year along with the limitation of required tee times, it has become necessary to establish some guidelines on bringing guests to join us on Saturdays. First, guests can only be accommodated on a space-available basis. The first priority for tee times must be for club members. Second, no guests should be brought on any tournament day. Tournament days have bigger draws and especially with different tournament formats, it is not the opportune time to bring non-members. Finally, we are going to begin limiting the number of guests to one per member on any given week. If any member wishes to bring multiple guests, a guaranteed tee time cannot be determined until Friday morning when the groups are established and shared. If there is space available at that point, the multiple guests will be welcomed. If you have multiple guests and require a guaranteed tee time, it is suggested that you contact the pro shop and get a time outside of the men's club set tee time reservations. Thank you to all for your understanding and cooperation in this. It is appreciated.

Net Double Bogey to Replace Equitable Stroke Control!

Handicap index calculation for members is changing beginning January 1st as the new Rules of Handicapping are introduced and implemented in the United States. First, your index will be based on the 8 best scores out of the past 20 posted scores rather than the lowest 10 scores out of the last 20 as it currently does. This change should be minor but you may see a change in your index after the 1st of the year even if you haven't played.

Additionally, the maximum score for each hole will now be limited to a Net Double Bogey. This can be calculated as par + 2 + the number of handicap strokes you receive on that hole. This calculation will be the same for all golfers and there are no longer different maximum scores based on a range of values that an individual's current handicap fits within.

Finally, beginning January 1st, handicap index updates will be made daily so your handicap will change the day after you post a score. On days you don't play, obviously no update will take place. As for player handicaps used for weekly and club competitions, our Men's Club will continue to update and post players' indexes twice a month on the 1st and 15th of each month. So for side games within your foursome, it will be up to you whether you use each player's current index or their posted index. But for participation in our group side game and tournaments, all players will play to the handicap posted in the pro shop. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with Bruce Wilder, our handicap chairman and resident expert on these changes!